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by natevw
01 Aug 2019, 17:26
Forum: Kit assembly gallery
Topic: Pluggy McPlugface IC double-check
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Pluggy McPlugface IC double-check

I wanted to double-check the ATTiny85 installation before I plug in my "pluggy" to the Giagtron board power (not a huge risk since I still have quite a few ICs and diodes left to install on the main board :-) My kit came with the ATTiny already in the IC socket, but the pin 1 dot was on the opposite...
by natevw
12 Jun 2019, 19:13
Forum: Hardware and software hacking
Topic: Expansion bus
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Re: Expansion bus

Count me in the same position as "xopr" — I have recently ordered a programmer as well as EPROM eraser and would be interested in helping test the expansion board. I have some experience maintaining all of SPI (, SD Card (, and a FAT ...