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by vmsh0
22 Feb 2020, 14:51
Forum: Kit assembly gallery
Topic: It's alive!
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It's alive!

Hey! After a bit of help from Marcel - I had reversed a diode and somehow missed it multiple times - my Gigatron is alive! You can see it here, running TinyBASIC v2, with a recreation of the first BASIC program I ever wrote on an old C64 when I was a little kid (actually not that many years ago! gue...
by vmsh0
20 Feb 2020, 09:52
Forum: Kit assembly gallery
Topic: Read this if you need assistance building your Gigatron kit
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Oh no! my Gigatron doesn't work :(

Hi! I finally finished assembling my kit that I had gotten back in 2018. Unfortunately, I apparently got something wrong, since it doesn't run :lol: the blinkenlights don't show the correct pattern and are stuck, but the power led is on and stable. Oscilloscope also confirms the power line is stable...