Another successful build!

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Another successful build!

Post by xanoshea » 16 Jun 2019, 10:23

After seeing Marcel present this terrific little box at the Hackaday Cambridge mini unconference, I had to have one.
It sat for far too long while I was travelling, but had some time this weekend to put it all together.

I followed my usual strategy of doing the lowest components first and did all the DIP ICs, then followed the order in the manual. Putting in the logic diodes in stages, so there was plenty of room to bend, solder and snip the leads meant there was a lot more board flipping, but I think was the way to go (e.g. put in 3-6 spaced either far enough apart, or below each other, not inline with each other so the bent leads had some space).

First time fired up and was rewarded with blinkenlights! A testament to how easy this kit is, despite it's size.

I have to say, the presentation of this is just gorgeous. As a computer, it is interesting, but as a visual item, it is stunning. The PCB layout, the diode logic, and the box all make for a terrific package.

A fun little project. Thanks guys!

Marcel, you had a quote that I really liked something like 'there is not computer so obscure/esoteric that people won't be interested in it'. What was that exactly?

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Re: Another successful build!

Post by marcelk » 16 Jun 2019, 13:58

Great, please share a picture!

The quote comes from one of Oscar's talks on designing the PiDP-8 kit: (at the 18:30 mark)

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