Pluggy McPlugface IC double-check

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Pluggy McPlugface IC double-check

Post by natevw » 01 Aug 2019, 17:26

I wanted to double-check the ATTiny85 installation before I plug in my "pluggy" to the Giagtron board power (not a huge risk since I still have quite a few ICs and diodes left to install on the main board :-)

My kit came with the ATTiny already in the IC socket, but the pin 1 dot was on the opposite side from the "notch" on the end of the socket. That seems fishy?

I soldered in the socket so it matched the notch silkscreen, i.e. right now the ATTiny dot is by the "To load program…" and the markings on it are upside down relative to that. I'm 95% sure that I need to flip the IC around so the pin 1 dot is over by the socket notch. Is that right?

In viewtopic.php?p=537#p537 I found again:

> the pin 1 indicator should be closest to the PS/2 jack

So I guess that means I'm 99% sure but somebody put them together the other way and I want to double-check that wasn't intentional. [Or that I haven't flipped more of the board than I thought e.g.]

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Re: Pluggy McPlugface IC double-check

Post by marcelk » 01 Aug 2019, 19:11

From what you describe, you're correct: the socket was reversed. The little notch or dot should be on the PS/2 side, and the text in the same orientation. There's also a small dot on the PCB to indicate this. You probably have to blame me for this oversight, as I helped Walter out once during this preparation step and I'm not as precise...

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