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It's alive!

Posted: 22 Feb 2020, 14:51
by vmsh0

After a bit of help from Marcel - I had reversed a diode and somehow missed it multiple times - my Gigatron is alive!

You can see it here, running TinyBASIC v2, with a recreation of the first BASIC program I ever wrote on an old C64 when I was a little kid (actually not that many years ago! guess how many).


Next steps? Studying it, writing some software, getting an EEPROM (I don't have a writer, any suggestions?) and playing with native code! Maybe building the expander board from Marcel's hackaday. Commodore Datasettes? :)

In the meanwhile, thank you for this awesome kit!

Re: It's alive!

Posted: 22 Feb 2020, 15:22
by walter

You can search for 'TL866II' on AliExpress to find a cheap programmer.

You will also need a UV eraser or blank EPROMs of course.