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Re: Finding parts?

Posted: 08 Oct 2020, 23:42
by bmwtcu
Walter, would you happen to still have the gerbers for the 4-layer variant of the PCB? Thanks!

Re: Finding parts?

Posted: 09 Oct 2020, 07:16
by walter
No, I don't.

We never made a 4-layer board, it was Dave from EEVblog that made it.

Re: Finding parts?

Posted: 20 Oct 2020, 03:11
by jbailey
bzztbomb wrote: 18 Aug 2020, 18:07 Thanks Walter!

I think I may have found a surplus spot with the crystals. There are here if anyone else is on the hunt for parts: ... ON/MP062E/

I'll try building the resistor array and see what happens.

Thanks for such a quick response!
I haven't try tested these yet, but it looks like Mouser has them too: ... n7Cg%3D%3D

Just incase this is helpful to anyone.

Re: Finding parts?

Posted: 21 Oct 2020, 13:26
by walter
The original kit included exactly that part, also from Mouser. So it will work.

Mouser BOM (Orderable parts list)

Posted: 22 Oct 2020, 04:52
by jbailey
Hello fellow Future Gigatron hackers,

I wanted to create another Gigatron W/Pluggy McPlugFace. Since the official kits are no longer available, I made a Mouser BOM based on Walter Belgers BOM (dated 20200623).

However I did have to make a couple of substitutions:
  • LED: Same manufacture and nearly the same part
  • EPROM: Used an OTP (One Time Programmable) EPROM, see note
  • RAM: Different manufacture but is comparable
  • Resisters: Different manufacture
  • Sockets: Different manufacture
  • The EPROM in this BOM can't be re-programmed so if you want to be able to update the firmware later, it would be better to get an EEPOM or UV erasable EPROM If possible.
  • You will need to order the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) from,, or others. Just download the gerbers files from this website and upload them to the PCB manufacture of your choice, make sure you select double-sided or two layer board. Also be sure to get PCB's for both the Gigatron and the Pluggy McPlugFace (PS/2 keyboard adapter). The BOM below will NOT include the Gigatron or Pluggy McPlugFace PCB.
  • This BOM doesn't include the Game Controller, if you hunt this down make sure its a version that is for 5 volts DC.
  • You will want to download the "assembly and user manual" from this website which includes a very detailed build instructions for this kit, and into to soldering and such. The creators also made a thirteen part YouTube series which walks you through the build process
  • You will also need to download the Gigatron ROM image file from Github I recommend the v4 rom as its known to be a very stable version, v5a (for experienced hackers) it has some new API's, 6502 vCPU core, and ect. but it's not as "time tested" as v4. Make sure to use the .rom files for programming your EPROM
  • The Pluggy McPlug Face firmware - Make sure to download and program V1 version of the "BabelFish.ATtiny85_v1.bin" otherwise your keyboard adapter may not work correctly.
    • Aslo make sure to set the "fuses" when programming the ATtiny85 chip to the following:
      • fuses_lo = 0x00e2
      • fuses_hi = 0x00df
      • lock_byte = 0x00ff
  • I am in no way affiliated with this project, I am just someone who really appreciates what Marcel van Kervinck and Walter Belgers created out of a small set of gates and some genus machine code!
  • This kit has been open sourced so anyone can create one and learn from it (or even expand it), however the creators don't support kits not ordered from Gigatron.IO. So you are on your own, unless someone from the community is willing and able to help with questions.

Other then the above, everything else should match Mr. Belgers specifications exactly. My goal was to make it easier for the first time builder to acquire the electronics. The BOM with US shipping is about $82.00 US. You'll probably save money if you are willing to acquire some parts from other companies.

Mouser BOM ... 932fcbea48

I was able to build a properly working Gigatron using only these parts.

Update: Dec 18, 2020 - I ordered seven of the game controllers using Walter's original BOM, and they are all working well. So this supplier still appears to be good.

If you are interested in how a CPU actually works or just interested in building a "retro" computer this kit is worth your time. Their is a lot of learning potential and some fun to be had to boot!

Thank you, Jim.

Verified: Mouser BOM (Orderable parts list)

Posted: 05 Nov 2020, 05:09
by jbailey
This post removed as I was able to update the one above.

Re: Verified: Mouser BOM (Orderable parts list)

Posted: 05 Nov 2020, 05:53
by at67
jbailey wrote: 05 Nov 2020, 05:09 I couldn't seem to edit my original post...
There is a limited amount of time that posts remain editable, I think it's 7 days, (Walter would know).
jbailey wrote: 05 Nov 2020, 05:09 It was tested with all of the native applications on the ROM v4 (recommended) and ROM v5a. The testing was done with the Famicom controller (from an original Gigatron kit), and a PS/2 keyboard.
Great job on sourcing, verifying and the general logistics of helping newcomers build their own kits.

Re: Verified: Mouser BOM (Orderable parts list)

Posted: 05 Nov 2020, 07:52
by walter
at67 wrote: 05 Nov 2020, 05:53 There is a limited amount of time that posts remain editable, I think it's 7 days, (Walter would know).
20.000 minutes. I've removed the limit.