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Late Developer

Posted: 26 Mar 2019, 00:03
by monsonite
A milestone passed tonight.........

I downloaded CodeBlocks for Windows - so now I can use gcc and g++ to compile and run C and C++ on my laptop.

I got Marcel's Gigatron Simulator gtemu.c to run on the laptop, and I am now porting gtemu across to a 400MHz STM32H743 Nucleo board - programmed with the Arduino IDE.

I'm not really a strong programmer - it's taken 10 years on and off to get off "first base" with C - and if you don't do it everyday for a living, it soon evaporates from the grey matter.

Now that I can write some scungy code on the laptop and the STM32H743 Nucleo target board, I can start to make some progress......