In Circuit EPROM emulator and debugger

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Re: In Circuit EPROM emulator and debugger

Post by gesari » 02 Sep 2019, 11:32

First excuse me for my long time out of the forum.
I'm not planning to sell any kit for the ROM emulator, but the layout files are freely available and there are many prototype makers around for the PCB (I ordered the boards to

The components are SMD and they may look difficult to solder, but this is easily done with a fine-point iron solder and a magnifying microscope. The trick for the fine-pitch components is not to apply any solder. Just paint the footprint with a flux pencil, place the component over it, and then apply heat to its pins. There is tin on the pins and the PCB already, and this tin is enough for soldering the pin to the PCB.

The firmware is also freely available.(And surely it can be improved :)

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Re: In Circuit EPROM emulator and debugger

Post by kerouanton » 05 Sep 2019, 17:12

Thank you for this nice project. I'm pretty sure your BOM will be shortly part of my next Mouser order!

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