Operating temperature: 18-27 ºC (65-80 ºF)

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Operating temperature: 18-27 ºC (65-80 ºF)

Post by anatob » 08 Sep 2019, 06:31

Hello, thanks for this amazing project!

The datasheet refers operating temperature as 18-27 ºC (65-80 ºF). It's relative short in my view.

What is expected if ambient temperature out of this range? Can you explain where the minimum and maximum values came from?

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Re: Operating temperature: 18-27 ºC (65-80 ºF)

Post by marcelk » 08 Sep 2019, 06:41

It's just the typical range in our homes where we tested and characterised the prototypes. Very early on in the project, somebody requested an operating range, and so he got an operating range...

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