Modified Gigatron Design Ideas

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Re: Modified Gigatron Design Ideas

Post by marcelk » 24 Nov 2019, 04:35

The '244 is just a tri-state buffer, not a register, not even a latch. You can find a really good explanation here. This video is part of the Ben Eater youtube series that goes through all steps of building an 8-bit breadboard computer. It is a very good resource for you as well. There are 44 videos where he explains the details of every TTL chip and how it is used. Many of his part numbers, or their cousins, come back in the Gigatron in a similar role. For under $300 he also sells everything you need to build his computer yourself. It can calculate Fibonacci numbers and you can see every step.

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Re: Modified Gigatron Design Ideas

Post by PurpleGirl » 25 Nov 2019, 06:04

So a 377 or 2 161's might be better for what I have in mind, though a tristate buffer might work if the data is streamed. So it depends on the application. But adding opcodes, I think I'd want an X-Out rather than a load.

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