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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by RetroCode » 28 Jul 2020, 17:10

Well, I have an update. Finally assembled mine at the weekend.

Decided I hate desoldering, especially ground pins. The week before I tried, and gave up desoldering a crystal oscillator, which I thought should have been easy. At least cutting off the pins made it much easier. Couldn't quite remove the solder from the grounded pad, but it pushed down okay with the soldering iron...
Gigatron_Pluggy-Reloaded-Assembled.jpg (2.49 MiB) Viewed 96 times
Next I'd like to try it out (perhaps at the weekend), but have a few questions:

1. Do I need to flash/program the Pro Micro (arduino) before I use it? (guessing if it's not programmed it may have potentially erratic or dangerous behaviour if output pins aren't set correctly)
2. Can I program the Pro Micro seated in Pluggy Reloaded?
3. And if so does it need the USB plugged into it directly for power?
4. Presumably I use the pin headers for programming it, is that correct?

Sorry for the stupid questions - I'm just a bit nervous about getting something wrong...

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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by norgate » 28 Jul 2020, 20:58

Very nice to see another assembled board! Removable headers are looking good!

Regarding your questions:
1. The Pro Micro does not come preprogrammed (or only with the Arduino Bootloader), so you will have to flash the BabelFish.ino sketch from ... /BabelFish for the board to work as intended. However, nothing bad or dangerous will happen if you try to use it as is.
2. Yes, you can program the Pro Micro in circuit.
3. The board is powered either from the Gigatron or via USB. You will need USB for flashing the program, but it can be disconnected afterwards.
4. No, you program the Pro Micro via the USB Port using the Arduino IDE. Instructions for setting up Pro Micro support in the Arduino IDE can be found here: ... -guide/all. Be sure to select the Pro Micro under Tools > Board and the 5V model under Tools > Processor in the Arduino IDE before uploading the sketch. For flashing you need to put the Pro Micro into Bootloader mode by pressing the reset button on the board. Timing is important, as it only stays in this mode for a couple of seconds. For me it works most reliably, if I press the reset button just after the upload button in the Arduino IDE.

Good luck on getting it to work.
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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by at67 » 29 Jul 2020, 03:21

Just to add to Norgate's reply, here is a snapshot of the settings that you need to setup, (Marcel originally provided this pic).
Arduino IDE.png
Arduino IDE.png (130.97 KiB) Viewed 82 times

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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by Vyvvyan » 50 minutes ago

@norgate, for some reason I am not able to DM you (even though I was among the first batch of users on this forum) - do you still have kits available? I’d like to order one if shipping to the US is not an issue...


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