Pluggy Reloaded

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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by giobbi »

oooh I just discovered this thread, how did I miss it???

I wish to buy a full kit, too... I'm in Brazil... any chance?
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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by norgate »

Better late than never :)

I replied to the PM you sent.
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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by psergiu »

bmwtcu wrote: 17 Feb 2021, 17:48 UPDATE Current status as of 2/20/2021. 1 SOLD, 1 left
Hi bmwtcu - any kits left for US shipping ? (new user, cannot send PMs yet)
Thanks a lot !
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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by bmwtcu »

Hi, yes, I have enough parts for a few more kits. It's probably easiest to just DM me on the Gigatron Discord at but I will try sending you a DM here as well.
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