Pluggy Reloaded

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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by giobbi »

oooh I just discovered this thread, how did I miss it???

I wish to buy a full kit, too... I'm in Brazil... any chance?
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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by norgate »

Better late than never :)

I replied to the PM you sent.
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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by psergiu »

bmwtcu wrote: 17 Feb 2021, 17:48 UPDATE Current status as of 2/20/2021. 1 SOLD, 1 left
Hi bmwtcu - any kits left for US shipping ? (new user, cannot send PMs yet)
Thanks a lot !
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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by bmwtcu »

Hi, yes, I have enough parts for a few more kits. It's probably easiest to just DM me on the Gigatron Discord at but I will try sending you a DM here as well.
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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by kerouanton »

Hello, I'm catching up the forum after two years offline (yes, it may sound impossible).

I was wondering if any of you was living in Switzerland and interested in a group buy for all extension boards, as I'd like to order one for myself. If so, I'll probably make an order for 10 PCB and the corresponding components for the ram extension and the pluggy reloaded. If you believe I could order kits for other extensions just let me know too, as I probably missed much info.
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