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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by norgate » 20 Nov 2019, 13:47

I have now 3D printed a case for the device, that works quite well. All connectors and the reset button are still accessible. Won't be offering this case with the remaining units though, since my 3D printer always requires a lot of convincing and babysitting :D

@Marcel you'll still get yours, don't worry!

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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by norgate » 27 Nov 2019, 17:51

Hey all,

I'm sold out of boards! Thanks to everyone who has bought one!
If you still want one, but don't want to source the parts yourself, I'll start a waiting list.
If I get ten more potential buyers I'll order a second batch of components.

I have also now set up a git repository for Pluggy Reloaded with the PCB and case design files:

My BabelFish fork for flashing the promicro is available here:

To the buyers: I'd love to see the your assembled boards ;)

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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by marcelk » 28 Nov 2019, 19:42

Mine arrived today. I couldn't postpone the build until the weekend, so here we are. It works! Great job!

First test
PluggyReloaded.jpeg (238.22 KiB) Viewed 91 times

I decided to have the female connector for the breakouts, so I desoldered the pins from the SDC board and swapped connectors. That took most of the build time. Heating up the soldering iron comes in second place, it's that easy. You only have to be watchful with the D-SUB connectors. And when programming the board, to select the 5V config.

P.S.: I haven't studied the BabelFish changes yet, and may not have time until the end of the year. May I suggest to bundle it all in Contrib/pkupper/.. and offer a pull request to the main repo? (Or if the changes are minor and don't affect the other configurations, offer it directly...)

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Re: Pluggy Reloaded

Post by norgate » 28 Nov 2019, 22:30

That's amazing! I'm glad it works! :D

Regarding the code: I wouldn't call my changes major, but I'll put it in Contrib first anyway until you get a chance to review.

Here's an overview of the changes I made to Babelfish:
  • Adding support for the Pro Micro
  • Adding support for program transfer from an SD card using the Arduino SD library. This comprises:
    - A new command "J" for listing the SD card contents (for now just the root folder)
    - A new command "K<filename>" for transferring an object file from the SD card
    - Initialization of the SD card
    - A function for transferring a file from the SD card
    - Restructuring the doTransfer() function to work with more data sources than EEPROM or Serial
  • Moving the static strings to progmem where possible using the handy builtin F() macro to reduce SRAM usage
Edit: @Marcel Thanks for the Twitter shoutout btw

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