Fitting a screen inside the wooden box

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Re: Fitting a screen inside the wooden box

Post by giobbi »

That's a wonderful idea! I'm waiting for another Gigatron PCB, so I will have two. I decided to buy a 10.1" VGA display (exactly like the one in the above picture), I paid it 50 € free shipping from China. We'll see...

I haven't the original box, so I planned to make one of painted MDF. So I will have enough freedom to hide the display driver board behind the gigatron; it would be fine to make a direct connection for the VGA signal, removing the VGA connector and using a ribbon cable or something similar.

The LCD panel is slightly smaller than the Gigatron board, so It will need some thick frame; however it would be useful to hide the upper part where the connections (power, vga, etc.) are.

...and I need to find a way to run some pictures (or anything else) at boot. Actually I have no idea about how to program the Gigatron and how to get the rid of the boot menu. I wish it to start automatically at every power up.
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Re: Fitting a screen inside the wooden box

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And if someone could make a keyboard to fit in a similar box...
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