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Post by at67 » 02 Sep 2020, 14:25

Jalecko wrote:
02 Sep 2020, 13:00
cd C:\(the folder with the compiler)
gtbasic Cube.gbas

and then i got an error that the command was not included
I'm kinda stuck now what to do
Was the error that it couldn't find "gtbasic.exe" or that it it couldn't find "cube.gbas"?

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Post by Jalecko » 02 Sep 2020, 18:27

When i write:

gtbasic Cube.gbas
it says:
'gtbasic' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

and when i write

gtbasic.cpp Cube.gbas it opens notepad++

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Post by at67 » 02 Sep 2020, 21:04

It sounds like gtbasic.exe hasn't been built, did you do the following?

Code: Select all


    CMake 3.7 or higher is required for building, has been tested on Windows with Visual Studio and gcc/mingw32
    and also built and tested under Linux.
    A C++ compiler that supports modern STL, (Visual C++ 15 or higher, gcc, etc).
    Requires the latest version of SDL2 and it's appropriate include/library/shared files.
    For detailed instructions for Windows, Linux and macOS, see this thread in the Gigatron forum:


  Download and install cmake
  Download sdl2 development libraries
  Clone or download
  cd gigatron-rom\Contrib\at67
  cmake .

    Open gtemuAT67.sln into Visual Studio, compile and execute.
    Optional: if you want to be able to develop using SDL2 without having to configure the include and lib variables
    for each new project, then add an environment variable SDL2DIR pointing to the directory you installed SDL2 into.


  sudo apt-get -y install cmake libsdl2-dev
  git clone
  cd gigatron-rom/Contrib/at67
  cmake .
After you've built it you can then cd into Contrib\at67\tools\gtbasic and you will find the executable in there, (add Release or Debug for Windows, depending on which you built). If when running cmake you specify an out of source build directory, (e.g. d:\gigatron\buildx64), then you would find it in d:\gigatron\buildx64\tools\gtbasic

You can also compile and execute .gbas files, (and others such as .gasm, .gt1, .gcl, etc), directly in the emulator by left clicking on them in the emulator browser. If you right click on them and you have configured "loader_config.ini" correctly as well as setup an appropriate Arduino solution, then they will be directly uploaded to your Gigatron hardware.

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