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Re: Expansion bus

Post by marcelk » 01 Dec 2019, 18:31

I just found and fixed the issue in CardTest.gcl. It turned out to be a one-character typo that has always been in there. Depending on where the file is placed it may or may not trigger.

The current revision walks through the root directory and lists the entries it finds. Once it sees BOOT.GT1 it stops to load and execute that. You'll need the latest dev.rom to get CardTest to work. And the card must be formatted as FAT32.

It's tests ok now with HelloWorld.gt1 (small single sector file) and MSBASIC.gt1 (multi sector, multi cluster file). This brings us one step closer to a little command line tool. However, GT1 files that preload constants into zero page still can't be loaded, because now CardTest still uses an awful lot of it for itself. This will change for the better along the way. For example, the entire directory listing part can become a program by itself ("Dir.gt1"...), shrinking CardTest considerably.

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