USB Keyboards with Pluggy McPlugface

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USB Keyboards with Pluggy McPlugface

Post by pepperm »

I have a Gigatron Kit waiting in my Wife's secret Christmas draw for me for Christmas :lol: So, as well as other things (working away, LiNC80, RC2014 - its been a Retro year) I am assembling things that I will need to help me play with my Gigatron at Christmas. I have a handful of PC keyboards all of which are of the USB variety. What I need to know is... Will any of these work with Pluggy McPlugface if I connect them to it through one of those (invariably green) USB to PS/2 adaptors, or will I need to go and buy a proper PS/2 keyboard?

Regards, and Happy Christmas (sorry its early)

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Re: USB Keyboards with Pluggy McPlugface

Post by PveGigatron »

I tried it with a HP keyboard and a usb to ps2 converter and it did not even initialize (all 3 led's flash on/off) the keyboard.
The ps2 I use is also a hp same style keyboard just with a ps2 plug and it works fine, only think I found with the gigatron is it does not initialize it if its plugged in at switch on, you need to unplug and plug it back in to get it working.

O just realized i used the green adapter which is for a mouse not a keyboard no wonder it did not work...let me see if I can find the correct one to test it...sorry.
okay just found a purple USB to ps2 adapter, but again when you plug it into the Gigatron no lights flash up on it and no keys work.
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Re: USB Keyboards with Pluggy McPlugface

Post by rblackhart »

I have a USB keyboard that I was able to attach with a USB to PS/2 converter (purple if that makes a difference). Here are the products that I got:

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Re: USB Keyboards with Pluggy McPlugface

Post by jbailey »

I had to purchase a PS/2 keyboard just for this computer, the following from and it works: ... UTF8&psc=1
ProHT PS/2 Serial Standard Keyboard (70011), 104 Key Standard Windows Keyboard Works with Windows 98/ME/XP/VISTA/7, Black

It works reasonably well, the mechanics of the keys are ok but its a cheap keyboard. I also have tried a USB/PS2 adapter on another nonane keyboard and it too worked (but not all keyboards internal circuits support PS/2).

Also remember to use the ctrl-alt-F# key to set the appropriate region so your keys are mapped correctly.

In addition my Pluggy McPlugFace seems to take approx 30-50 seconds longer then the Gigatron to boot. That said after the adapter is running and I see the flashes of the keyboards lights all is well.

Best wishes on your build
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