Maze generation in gigatron assembly

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Maze generation in gigatron assembly

Post by mcbrown » 22 Feb 2019, 19:05

Hi gigatron community,

in the last weeks, I've managed to implement an iterative maze generator in gigatron assembly that I'd like to share with you: ... un-de/gasm

I think it's kinda mesmerizing watching the maze grow again and again, especially in the slowest vCPU mode with solid lines (no scanlines used for computation). Have fun with it :-)

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Re: Maze generation in gigatron assembly

Post by marcelk » 22 Feb 2019, 19:39

Excellent! Good that we caught the SYS call issue quickly.

I caught another thing when uploading this to real hardware: had become unreliable in combination with the Arduino Uno. You can get this message:

Code: Select all

Connecting to /dev/tty.usbmodem14101
Exception: Gigatron offline
A bug had crept into BabelFish while we were working on the Arduino Micro support. It is fixed now.

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