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bbCode issues

Posted: 01 Sep 2019, 13:13
by marcelk
As of recently, inlining of pictures in forum messages is broken. Something seems to go wrong with bbCode tag parsing. This also affects the quoting of messages, unless you strip all quote tag attributes. We don't know what causes this. "We didn't change anything." The symptom is that it gives an empty screen after hitting "Submit" or "Preview". You can then still go back and edit your message.

You can still attach a picture, as long as you don't inline it as well. The forum will even make it visible below your message text. Mind that there is a size limit of 1MB or 2MB, depending on the software's mood. If it says "http error", it usually means the attachment is too large.

Re: bbCode issues

Posted: 09 Nov 2019, 13:04
by marcelk
From this post:
at67 wrote: *Note* Not sure what is up with the quoting system, but it seems broken in Mozzila and Edge under Win10 for this particular message :/
It's the same bug: from one day to the other arbitrary bbCode tags get rejected upon "Preview" and "Submit". We have no idea what causes it, but it happens on all browsers. Unfortunately, it isn't reported for other forums out there. All we know it affects some attributes of some tags (but not all).

We know it's extremely annoying and degrades the forum usefulness by a fair amount. But we have no idea where to start looking. All help is welcome.

Re: bbCode issues

Posted: 11 Nov 2019, 18:42
by walter

I've fixed the problems (as far as I can tell).


Re: bbCode issues

Posted: 12 Nov 2019, 05:09
by at67