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Forth Day 2019

Posted: 21 Oct 2019, 09:34
by monsonite
Forth Day is an annual gathering of the Silicon Valley Forth Interest Group (SV Fig), at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.

This year it is being held on Saturday 16th November, and Charles H. Moore - the inventor of Forth will be giving his annual "Fireside Chat" to the SV Fig.

I have had my proposal for a presentation about Gigatron accepted - and hopefully I will be able to raise some interest within the wider Forth Community.

A group of SV Fig members were responsible for the first implementation of "FIG Forth" on the 6502 back in September 1980 under the leadership of Bill Ragsdale. The listings were published and it rapidly became a popular alternative to BASIC on the early 6502 based home computers.

I wonder whether using v6502 might be a means of implementing a fairly full Forth on the Gigatron?

The 6K bytes FIG-Forth Listing can be found here:

Re: Forth Day 2019

Posted: 16 Nov 2019, 21:59
by monsonite
Hi All,

My presentation on the Gigatron was well received at Forth Day here at Stanford University.

I presented a Gigatron kit, to Forth Founder, Chuck Moore, in appreciation for his lifetime contributions to computer science.

Another kit went to Andreas Wagner, an enthusiastic young Forther, who is a regular contributor here at SV Fig. (Silicon Valley Forth Interest Group). He wants to improve his hardware understanding by building up the kit and studying its operation.

You may see a recording of my presentation here:



Re: Forth Day 2019

Posted: 16 Nov 2019, 23:37
by walter
Nice! I've now seen a few talks from people other than Marcel or myself and I really enjoy that others are enthusiastic and talking about it, and also how other people have another view on the Gigatron. This was a nice overview of the hardware and FORTH. On my system, the video did not play very smoothly, but maybe that's just me.

How was the reaction after the talk?

Oh and I don't object to also be named on the slides ;-)

Re: Forth Day 2019

Posted: 16 Nov 2019, 23:52
by marcelk
This is so cool and leaves me speechless. Thank you so much for your enthousiasm and effort.

I celebrated Forth day today by extending the "Forth74" mockup with line editing: QUERY and EXPECT in Forth parlance. After hitting enter, the dummy interpreter then echoes back the entire line. But it's all happening in the inner interpreter. I feel it's only 2 or 3 such steps away from where we can add words through an external interpreter, so without manually precompiling them. It's true you can expand the system one word at a time.

The whole thing is still just above 1K in size.

Re: Forth Day 2019

Posted: 17 Nov 2019, 00:34
by at67
Awesome presentation, congratulations.

Re: Forth Day 2019

Posted: 17 Nov 2019, 00:44
by monsonite
Thanks Everyone,

Its been a very enjoyable day - Chuck has just finished his "Fireside Chat" presentation.

I have put a pdf of my slides online at my github repository

Best from Stanford,