Anyone got one for sale?

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Anyone got one for sale?

Post by daveculp »

I was too late........ I wanted to buy a kit, decided to pull the trigger and it looks like I was a couple months late.

On the off chance someone bought a kit and never assembled it fully, I would be willing to possibly purchase it.

If it would sway your decision, Im a teacher who runs an after school robotics/maker club and have done so for 22 years (Just google "David Culp Perry Robotics") and this would be put into the hands of kids.


David Culp
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Re: Anyone got one for sale?

Post by klf »

There is a Dutch company selling kits: ... a-25779-20
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Re: Anyone got one for sale?

Post by jbailey »

Be aware of that the new kits dont come with a printed manual (but the original was open sourced), the game controller, nor the wooden case. That said it looks like a viable kit and its best used with a keyboard for full functionality. If you want a game controller they can be found on verious websites just make sure its a 5v not 3v version.
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