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Cambridge Retro Computer Festival 2018

Posted: 09 Sep 2018, 18:08
by marcelk
I'll be at the Retro Computer Festival in Cambridge (UK) next weekend and of course I'll bring and exhibit the Gigatron. The organisation just confirmed they have table space for it. Really looking forward to this trip! ... September/

I'll be there Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday.

I'll bring an EPROM programmer, so any Gigatronners can shake hands while upgrading to ROM v3 if they want, which we release the same weekend. ROM v3 has more built-in games, Tiny BASIC v2 and WozMon. I'll also bring a set of "beta" PS/2 keyboard dongles for the Gigatron. We plan to offer these as a little add-on mini-kit real soon now for under 10 euros. Next weekend you can be one of the first to pick one up!
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Re: Retro Computer Festival 2018

Posted: 16 Sep 2018, 19:14
by marcelk
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The Apple-1 next to the Gigatron is a beautifully done replica. It's fully functional, complete with cassette interface. The PCB is drawn in the same way and the chips even have 1970s date codes on them. It's on display in an operational state. I could play around and type commands in the original Woz Mon to verify that the Gigatron version works the same.

Many thanks to David Williams for the great opportunity!