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Hackaday Superconference 2018

Posted: 01 Nov 2018, 21:25
by marcelk
I'll be attending the Hackaday conference in Pasadena this weekend. I'm very much interested in Sam Zeloof's talk on home-made semiconductors, and in Ken Shirrif's talk on IC reverse engineering. I'll setup and demonstrate a Gigatron at the exhibition area after the Saturday talks. Surprisingly, the LCD screen I put in my suitcase arrived in one piece and is still working.

IMG_4480.jpg (270.94 KiB) Viewed 1262 times

The Gigatron on display will be the one with original 1975 TTL chips in it.

For those interested, I also brought with me a very limited number of kits. Because I don't want to take them back home, they can go at a discounted rate of US$150. First come, first serve.

Re: Hackaday Superconference 2018

Posted: 05 Nov 2018, 19:28
by marcelk
Interestingly, the conference badge was a PCB with a PIC32MX370 microcontroller on it, a 320x240 display and a qwerty keyboard made out of tactile switches.

Of course there was only one thing to do with that: hack it!

IMG_4515.jpg (389.92 KiB) Viewed 1234 times

It emulates the Gigatron at 3 frames per second. Not really suitable for the games, although they could be played. Typing stuff into Tiny BASIC v2 goes surprisingly smooth however.