Read this if you need support building your Gigatron

Information about getting support on Gigatron builds
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Read this if you need support building your Gigatron

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A thousand enthusiasts have succesfully built the Gigatron kit that we sold in the period 2018-2020. We feel that all things that might possibly cause problems are well known by now. Mind you, there were only several tens of support requests for those kits, which we are very pleased with and is thanks to our effort to make the build as fool proof as possible with good documentation (the manual, support video's but also the careful selection of components to prevent mix ups and the texts on the PCB).

We no longer sell kits. But: as Gigatron is fully open source now, you can buy the kit from several vendors or build one just for yourself. Who do you go to if things don't work out?

If you have had your Gigatron kit as ordered from us (with the wooden box) but only now have come around building it, you can still get support from me by sending an e-mail (or you can send a direct message on this forum). Please don't post on this forum, the support is included in the purchase price of your kit. In your mail, describe exactly what building step you're at, what you're experiencing and what you expected instead. Include the detailed photos that the manual asks for. Explain what items from the Troubleshooting page you tried and what the results were. Please be specific and complete, don't just summarise. Make a video if that helps explain what you see. With a complete story, I can usually find a resolution over e-mail rather quickly, and otherwise I can make a detailed plan with you.

If you bought your kit from another vendor, you could ask them for support. Wether or not they provide support is up to them, we are not affiliated with any of the vendors out there.

If they do not offer support, or if you build a kit for yourself, read on.

We have a lot of troubleshooting information on our web page. The information there is as good as complete now and should help you getting the problem solved.

In the rare occasion that is not sufficient, you can ask for help on this forum. Just start a new topic in this support section. People from the community might be able help you with your issue. Please be kind, this is a best effort volunteer effort.

When the problem is solved or inactive for multiple weeks, a moderator will delete the thread and add any possible new debugging information to the troubleshooting guide.

Good luck in getting your Gigatron up and running. If the community on the forum has helped you, consider giving back by becoming an active member!