Probably the stupidest use of a Gigatron-TTL ever

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Probably the stupidest use of a Gigatron-TTL ever

Post by giobbi »

this is the third Gigatron-TTL I've built. The previous two are fully functional and I use sometimes to play a little, upload stuffs by the SD card etc., but I still had a couple to build, including this one - that's the first one I bought as diy kit from an eBay seller.

Since this is the only one with black mask and will all the right components (I've built the others -green mask PCB- using resistors instead of resistor arrays, etc. so visually they aren't so good and also I've mod them with the 64k mod), I decided to transform it in a piece of art (my son told me it's ok if I will put it in a place where nobody will see it LOL)

I simply use what I have at home for the frame, so the result is quite odd, however it's ok because nobody will see it (but you)
IMG_20231113_211520.jpg (1.5 MiB) Viewed 3579 times
I modify the boot menu so the mandelbrot starts automatically at the boot, but I was wondering if there's any other better demo; it's quite boring IMO. It would be fine a PAC-MAN or INVADERS self demo, or something like that.
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Re: Probably the stupidest use of a Gigatron-TTL ever

Post by petersieg »

I like the build.
There are many more possibilities for art displays. For example: ... bo-message

One needs to implement them and look for a way to switch between them after some minutes (10-20min).

Together with a spi network time (esp32 etc.) and wheather forecast display ;-)

Have fun,
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