Parts values needed, kit build on hold!

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Parts values needed, kit build on hold!

Post by rldipaolo » 28 Feb 2019, 03:01

I purchased a bare PCB and a V3 ROM + PluggyMcPlugface - not the full kit, as I have a large stock of parts already. I thank you for agreeing to this as my funds are limited and it made it possible for me to own a Gigatron!!!

The problem is that there is no Bill Of Materials (BOM) anywhere for the Gigatron, and in some cases there is absolutely no documentation (even the schematics) that show some of the part values that are not listed anywhere!

For instance, what are the values for the diodes? Some of them are listed, but not all of them.

I am left scratching my head and wondering what values some of the parts are that are not listed in ANY Gigatron documentation.

Could you possibly create a Bill of Materials and post it on the website??? I really need one to be able to correctly build this kit - I don't want to be guessing and get it wrong. Until you do, I can't finish my kit! Thank you very much!!!!

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Re: Parts values needed, kit build on hold!

Post by marcelk » 28 Feb 2019, 08:06

The schematics are linked on the Gigatron website, under "Manuals and references --> Data Sheets". All part values are in there. There are many ways to build one of course. We recommend 1N60P or BAT42 compatible diodes, especially when using 74LS logic. (But don't use 74LS04 for the clock. U1 must be a 74HCT04 for its analog properties.). Dave Jones has used the more standard 1N4148 diodes for his 74HCT-based build, if I remember correctly. Hope that helps! Good luck with the build!

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