Read this if you need assistance building your Gigatron kit

A place to eternalise your Gigatron build photos. From box to BASIC.
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Read this if you need assistance building your Gigatron kit

Post by marcelk » 16 Sep 2019, 14:05

By now, hundreds of enthousiasts have successfully built the kit, and we feel that all things that might possibly cause problems are well known. In case you need assistance, it's advised to first go through the tips and tricks on the Troubleshooting web page. We feel the information there is as good as complete now. Still, we do get the occasional support request for things that are explained there... (The good news is that support requests pop up for far under 5% of the kits out there!)

In the unfortunate case that none of that helps, and if you would like assistance, the best next step is to contact us on the support e-mail address as listed in the assembly manual. In your mail, describe exactly what building step you're at, what you're experiencing and what you expected instead. Include the detailed photos that the manual asks for. Explain what items from the Troubleshooting page you tried and what the results were. Please be specific and complete, don't just summarise. Make a video if that helps explain what you see. With a complete story, we can usually find a resolution over e-mail rather quickly, and otherwise we can make a detailed plan with you.

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