Blinkenlights steady on

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Blinkenlights steady on

Post by Lorenzo112 »

Hi there,

Couldn't find any topic similar to mine so thought I'd ask. I've been assembling the gigatron, everything went fine thanks to the great manual. Yet, once I powered up for the first time (the blinkenlights check). The power led didn't turn on anymore (while it did when it was just installed, correct voltage as well) while all the blinkenlights turn on at the same time then steadily fade out (after one minute or so). I've tried different power supplies first (with the most powerful outputting something like 5A max.) then resorted to checking all the solder-points and did that two times and everything looks clean now. Yet, the same symptoms persist. I have nor the tools nor the skills to check the inputs at the different IC's. But I'm suspecting I may have overheated one or more of them while soldering? Or worse, shorted out? As I understand it may be difficult to debug with just this info, what would be the next step for me to check in order to find the problem?

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Blinkenlights steady on

Post by marcelk »

It's advised to go through the tips and tricks on the Troubleshooting webpage. By now with so many kits out there, we feel it's pretty much complete. Then, if still in need of assistance, best contact us on the support mail address listed in the assembly manual. BTW: We haven't seen an non-functioning overheated component before, while we have seen some boards that suggest otherwise (with scorch marks and all) yet working just fine. Not that we recommend overheating, it's still a bad idea...