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Posted: 01 Dec 2019, 22:38
by marcelk
My favourite method to do cosines and sines with just integer math.

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'Plot cosine
10 cls
20 input p:if p<1 goto 20
30 u=50*100:v=0:c=0
40 for x=0 to 159
50 y=68-u/100
60 poke y*256+x,c
70 u=u+v:v=v-u/p
80 next x
90 c=c+23:goto 40
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It's stable in the sense that it seems to maintain its amplitude and period over many dozens of iterations. I'm always surprised that whenever I change line 70 to follow the "proper" update order, it immediately goes awry.

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70 t=u:u=u+v:v=v-t/p:'Bad