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Re: My Gigatron Build

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at67 wrote: 04 Jul 2020, 02:28 I checked out some of your blog article's, clear, concise, well laid out and easy to read. I am now even more jelly knowing that you received the last ever official Gigatron kit.
Thanks! Although it's mostly concise because I'm too lazy to write more detail!

I am indeed extremely lucky to have got the kit I did. I'm so thankful to Marcel and Walter for having created it, and to Walter for the opportunity of buying it.

I'm also extremely impressed, and a little envious, of everything you've achieved with yours. I mean, the part that makes the Gigatron really great is also a large part down to an enthusiastic and passionate community.

I usually start with the best of intentions, but other "priorities" (distractions) usually get in the way. That being said, I do want to do a lot more with my Gigatron. Just need to dedicate more time to it. Hoping that keyboard will arrive today... and that it will work...
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