Sell Gigatron?

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Re: Sell Gigatron?

Post by Flamore »

Having like 4 layer PCBs (4$ more expensive than the 2 layer one) would possibly allow to have the components almost right next to eachother. Will start from today, hopefully will finish before new years. (Quick question, are there any editable pcb schematics for KICAD? The ones on the main page don't work. Do i have to do it from scratch?)
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Re: Sell Gigatron?

Post by bmwtcu »

I believe the files were for Kicad 4. I recall that the first time you open it, you need to jump through some hoops to update library shapes, but I remember it being fairly automated and then you can save it as a Kicad 5 project. I think it was something like
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Re: Sell Gigatron?

Post by monsonite »

In May of 2019 I did a partial study of how Gigatron could be reduced to a smaller 200mm x 100mm 4-layer pcb.

This made use of 74xx573 and 74xx574 registers to improve the signal routing between ICs.

It also included the expansion components to allow for SPI expansion.

The pcb was designed in EagleCAD 6.6 - but this was a quick weekend exercise and not fully error checked.

I also looked at splitting the Gigatron into two stackable 100x100mm boards - and identified the few signals that would have to pass between the pcbs.
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