That Addictive Word Game

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That Addictive Word Game

Post by monsonite »

Many of us will have come across Wordle, a very addictive word game where the objective is to reveal a disclosed 5 letter word in just 6 guesses.

Whilst the game will run in a browser on a laptop or cell phone, I got thinking that it would be great to run it on the Gigatron.

Earlier today I discovered that it had already been coded into 6502 assembly language to run on the C64. I guess it could be ported to the Gigatron using v6502.

The dictionary is 2700 common 5 letter words in English - which sounds like 13.5K of RAM.

More details at this github repository.....
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Re: That Addictive Word Game

Post by at67 »

Looks like a great candidate for porting to the Gigatron, either through 6502 emulation or using vCPU etc.

Personally if I had time I'd love to code it using gtBASIC, but I don't unfortunately.
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