Memory detection

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Re: Memory detection

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Program gtasm is not a part of glcc. I believe it belongs to gtbasic and translates a .vasm file into a .gt1 file.

Glcc relies on a python program named glink which is both an assembler and a linker. Glink accepts vcpu assembler files with a python syntax not compatible with the .vasm files generated by gtbasic.
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Re: Memory detection

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gfernval wrote: 22 May 2022, 21:24 "gtasm bricks.vasm" generates bricks.gt1 file, but I have to change the first byte of generated bricks.gt1 from 0x01 to 0x00
to make a correct bricks.gt1, once done this bricks.gt1 runs well (strange)
bricks.vasm has nothing to do with GLCC, it was written in a stand alone assembler known as gtasm, (the first stand alone vCPU assembler for the Gigatron).

The first two bytes of a gt1 file are the address of the first data segment, now as bricks.vasm expects it's first data segment to be in in zero page memory, it's nonsensical that gtasm would generate a 01 as the high byte of the first data segment address. QED -> PEBKAC, or you are using some rogue version of gtasm conjured from the depths of who knows where.

I just tried the latest version of gtasm, (both in the stable repo and the ROMvX0 repo), and both times it generated a correct version of bricks.gt1
lb3361 wrote: 22 May 2022, 21:33 Program gtasm is not a part of glcc. I believe it belongs to gtbasic and translates a .vasm file into a .gt1 file.
gtasm is not part of gtBASIC, it is a fully standalone vCPU assembler, (and native code assembler), that gtBASIC just happens to use.
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Re: Memory detection

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I have used the version from ... ools/gtasm. Is not version 1.0.9R, it is version 1.0.6R and the syntax is gtasm <input filename> <optional include path>, not gtasm <input filename> <start address in hex>
Where can I find version 1.0.9R?
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