CP/M (now) under OSS-like terms

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CP/M (now) under OSS-like terms

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I'm not sure if this is of interest to anyone, but I know that at one point Marcel had ideas about making a v8080, and porting CP/M to run on the Gigatron.

Apparently it had been released some time ago, but under a license that had some apparent restrictions on how it could be distributed, and thus wasn't viewed as being Open Source. The owner of the rights has now clarified that they'd never intended any such restrictions. This means that if someone were to port CP/M to the Gigatron, it should cause no problem from a licensing perspective.

The full details are here, which was linked from this blog post, which I in turn found from this Reddit post.

IANAL etc.
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Re: CP/M (now) under OSS-like terms

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That's a very cool development for past, present and future CP/M.
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