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New Gigatron computer in Italy

Posted: 11 Dec 2022, 20:46
by renzo
Hi all,
this is to share with the forum my second build of Gigatron. The first one is the original kit with ROM v.1 and the beautiful case, that I like to keep untouched.
I have assembled a second one, mostly from recycled parts, in order to play and experiments with it.
I also added memory expansion and the Pluggy Reoaded from original design from norgate, just modifiyng it to match the single side pcb board I had available. Basically the same original design but with some jumpers on the component side, as shown in the pictures.

Maybe I'll add soon the RAM expansion & IO board.

Re: New Gigatron computer in Italy

Posted: 11 Dec 2022, 20:53
by at67
Nice pics, looks great!

Re: New Gigatron computer in Italy

Posted: 16 Dec 2022, 21:52
by renzo
WARNING... just in case someone with passion for DIY, like me, uses my PCB photo as example.

Today I received the keyboard with PS/2 plug and the microSD card, so I had the possibility to fully test the Pluggy Reloaded I built. When I posted the pictures I only had the possibility to try with the gigatron game controller and it worked fine.

When I connected the keyboard I noticed that gigatron turned off and I immediately removed the keyboard plug. It was just a sec and I was lucky for the keyboard, because checking again the pin numbering of the PS/2 socket I discovered that my PCB connection was exactly mirrored. Probably I got confused by top-side or bottom-side view on the datasheet.

Anyway I just modified the connection of PS/2 socket on copper side of PCB using wires and now it works perfectly. Also the keyboard luckily resisted to a (more or less) one sec. polarity reversal on power supply.

Re: New Gigatron computer in Italy

Posted: 26 Dec 2022, 15:18
by walter
Nicely etched. And a blue PCB.. I hadn't seen a blue one before. :)