Acrylic case for Gigatron

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Acrylic case for Gigatron

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It looks great. This acrylic case was designed and cut by my friend for me.
In May 2021, this one Gigaron was not working properly, but later found out that the RAM I bought was damaged. In early 2022 all my Gigarons are working correctly including this original one. There are only two reasons for not booting:
1. Poor welding caused by insufficient welding temperature
2. The RAM chip is damaged
3. The speed grade of EPROM chip is too low. (Actually AM27C1024-205 can also run normally at 6.144MHZ, but M27C1024-250 can't)
4. The chip is installed incorrectly (a certain pin of the chip is bent)
5. The chip model is wrong (I read the wrong model)
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Re: Acrylic case for Gigatron

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Nice! :) I also have acrylic case
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