Puzzle of Oz [game]

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Puzzle of Oz [game]

Post by Phibrizzo »

Hello :)

This is my next game for Gigatron.
This time it is a "Puzzle of Oz" by David Parlett.
It is very old game (since 1985).

Rules is simlple: try puts 25 tiles on the board.
First tile You must put on the corners. Next where is it possible.
White gray areas - move is possible, dark gray - not
Tiles cant touch by corners and sides.


Game is here:http://blabla.ppa.pl/ftp/usr/Phibrizzo/ ... Z_Game.gt1
Source: http://blabla.ppa.pl/ftp/usr/Phibrizzo/ ... ameSrc.lha

Enjoy :)
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Re: Puzzle of Oz [game]

Post by at67 »

Good fun, well done.
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