New Gigatron is online - literally

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New Gigatron is online - literally

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Hello all, A new Gigatron is online. I learned about Gigatron (through my youtube feed) on Thursday and had to order the kit right away. It arrived on Saturday, I built it on Sunday and to my delight it worked right away. In my book, that's a testament to the quality of the design. Rummaging through the old parts cabinet searching for a PS/2 keyboard, I found this old Adderlink KVM-over-IP box. It has PS/2 connectors too! Hooked it up and now I can play with my Gigatron from anywhere in the world over VNC. Sure, I could run an emulator on my laptop computer anywhere, but that's cheating. You want your Gigatron code executed on them trusty old TTL chips.
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Re: New Gigatron is online - literally

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Welcome, your board looks great and congratulations on getting it going first time!
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