Run/Compile OLD basic games?

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Run/Compile OLD basic games?

Post by petersieg »

Has someone looked into running/converting/compiling the vast old basic games from the 70/80?

The one for ex. found here: in bas
The one from "CREATIVE COMPUTING MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY" or similiar. See attached examples in

I nice interpreter in C is here:
(But too big for Gigatron)

here is a web page with a JS basic interpreter: ... index.html

I tried bagels.bas with gtbasic - but failed. Lot of missing function like TAB(), INT(), SQR().
Some old basic programs have .5 as floating point value instead of 0.5
Some habe PRINT" instead of PRINT "
and so on..

best, Peter
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Re: Run/Compile OLD basic games?

Post by lb3361 »

Lots of games there. Alas there are so many variations of Basic. In addition, most expect a 40x25 character screen. Porting these games could be a lot of work. See however wbusby's work, ... ib/wbushby
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