What does 'Xpp' mean?

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What does 'Xpp' mean?

Post by jelly »

Hello everyone

# ld([Y,Xpp], OUT) ld [y,x++],out

What does 'x++' mean?
If there's a code like that, what is happening?

As I think,

1. RAM [YYYYYYYYXXXXXXXX] is loaded to the OUT register
2. X register incremented

is it right?

For example, if each register value and the codes are like that;

X: 0000 0010
Y: 0000 1000
RAM 0x0208: 0000 1111
RAM 0x0209: 1111 0000

ld([Y,Xpp], OUT)
ld([Y,Xpp], 'Temp')

1. OUT register value changed: 0000 1111
2. X register incremented: X: 0000 0011
3. 'Temp' register value changed: 1111 0000
4. X register incremented: X: 0000 0100

Is it right?

I'm a student and English is not my mother tongue and I'm not good at writing English :oops: :oops:
Please help me!!!
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Re: What does 'Xpp' mean?

Post by at67 »

That's correct Xpp is a post increment of X, the increment happens after the operation
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